The two Cambodian kids (left and center) after their long six weeks stay in Culver, about to return home with the help of a parent and her kid (on the right). Hopefully more bright kids like them can join Culver and help improve the world.

The project really taught me a lot, and not just regarding Cambodia’s situation and policies. I learned a lot about how admission works, how interviews work, and how students think about leaving the country. That last one was especially important because as I asked the students, it appears most of them don’t want to leave the country for what assured opportunities they will have in Cambodia, by receiving education in Cambodia.

As stated before, this project has room to expand, and can eventually fulfill the original vision. The two years I spent in Chong Zheng Academy can not only solidify ties between the two schools, but can also augment my experience in the details of trying to advertise to the school, so I can better do it with others in Cambodia, and then in all of Southeast Asia.

Before I end, I just want to say thank you to those who helped me along the way. First and most importantly, thank you to Mr. Giraldi for making this project possible, and helping me throughout this project, and for professionally interviewing those who I selected. Thank you to Ms. Hernandez for generously working with me on the logistics of arranging a flight plan and necessary information regarding the application. Thank you to Principal Zhou, who despite being 85 years old, runs the Chong Zheng Academy with efficiency, and also graciously sacrificed her time to help me gather the students. Thank you to Mr. Ren, who translated for me so I can talk to the parents, and taught me Khmer. Thank you to Ms. Wen, who let me talk to the class for a class period regarding Culver Summer Schools. Thank you to the students, who sacrificed their precious time before the test to listen to my pitch. Thank you to those who agreed to interview, and allowed me to learn so much about Cambodian students. And lastly, thank you so much Kevin and Kristin for sacrificing 6 weeks of your summer time to go to America for a learning experience that I hope will change your life!