This is the first lesson with the orphans, when they first go into the pool



My name is Adannaya Nzerem and I am a 4-year senior, meaning I have been in this school all through high school, at Culver Girls Academies (CGA), a boarding school focused around leadership in Culver, Indiana (north of the Indianapolis). Culver is a school containing two school within it, CMA (for the boys) and CGA (for the girls), although they are two different schools, we attend class, sports and some meetings together. The difference between the schools is the leadership system, CGA following the prefect system and CMA following the military system.

 I am from Abuja, Nigeria and even though I have spent most of the last three years in America I love my country and would do anything to help grow and advance it. Because of this love of my country I decided it would be best for me to go to Culver to get a good education, develop important leadership skills which would potentially help me give back to my Nigerian community. To start the journey of giving back, I decided to take my project back home.

In 5th grade in Nigeria a new sport was introduced to my school, swimming. Having been just taught how to swim, I was excited to join and grow my skills in the sport and that was how I started my 7-year competitive swimming career. Bouncing from school to school swimming was the one thing that I took along with me and has changed and developed me into a better person. This sport has taught me how to preserve even when my lungs are about to burst and legs are numb, it has taught me how to keep going even when I don’t, and it has forever made an impact on my life.

Swimming being such a big part of my life and Nigeria being the only place I really felt at home and wanted to help grow, it made so much sense teaching kids how to swim there. In Nigeria swimming is not typically taught, especially not in poorer areas, and the lack of education has ended many lives is why I was motivated to do my project there. Over the 2019 summer I taught orphans how to swim.